Terms & Conditions

The 2024 Award winners have been announced

  1. The Community Relations Awards will be administered by the Community Relations Council (CRC) and The Executive Office (TEO).
  2. An assessment panel will be formed for each award by CRC & TEO, in partnership with the supporting organisation.  This panel will assess the entries using a standard scoring template and matrix and will draw up a shortlist to select a winner per award category.
  3. The assessment panel decision is final and binding, and no correspondence will be entered into.
  4. All entries must be made by the submission of a completed nomination form, which will be acknowledged by email.  The nomination forms can be completed online, but a physical copy of the form can be made available on request if necessary.
  5. By submitting a nomination you agree to supply any additional information that may be requested. You are also confirming the nominated entrant consents to this information being made available to the assessment panel and third parties associated with the awards process.
  6. In addition to completion of the nomination form only one document of support information may be submitted.  Images should be included in the document which should then be saved and submitted as a PDF file of maximum file size 3mb.
  7. A person or group may be nominated in more than one category if appropriate.
  8. Individuals who reach the finals of the awards agree to participate in an awards ceremony and assist with promotional activities or PR supporting the awards, for this and potential future awards.
  9. The assessment panel have the right to withhold presenting an award in any specific category if they feel the entries are not of sufficient merit.
  10. The assessment panel may also reallocate an entry to a different category if they feel this would be appropriate.
  11. Shortlisted nominees will be notified by email; if nominated individuals have not heard from us by mid-February 2023 they have not been shortlisted.
  12. Closing date for hardcopy and online entries to the Good Relations Awards is Tuesday 19 December 2023 at 12 noon. Entries received after this date will not be accepted. NI Community Relations Council / The Executive Office can extend the deadline. Any deadline extension will be communicated through CRC Social Media.  Hard copy entries should be delivered or posted (to arrive by the deadline) to Community Relations Council, Good Relations Awards 2024, Equality House, Shaftesbury Square, Belfast BT2 8DP
  13. All entries must be submitted via the nomination form.  These can be accessed via the award website at goodrelationsawards.com.  A hardcopy form can be provided if the online form cannot be used.
  14. No responsibility will be taken by NI Community Relations Council / The Executive Office or any organisations associated with the awards, for delayed, lost or damaged entries. Hard copy entries are non-returnable. The supporting document must be attached to the nomination form electronically as per the link provided.  If submitted as a hard copy, with a hard copy nomination form, please be aware this will not be returned so you may wish to include copy images, rather than originals.
  15. An executive summary MUST be included in the nomination form.  This should summarise the reasons for nomination that you have given elsewhere in the document.  This will be used for PR and to describe winning entries.  It will NOT be scored, but nominations will not allow submission without it.
  16. By submitting your entry you are confirming that the information it contains is correct. If the information is found to be inaccurate the nomination will be withdrawn.