The 2023 Awards took place on Tuesday 07/03/2023

Peter Weil

| Community Relations Council Exceptional Achievement Award (peacebuilding)

Peter Weil has made a significant contribution to peace building throughout his amazing career, and his immense voluntary commitment and vision that saw him establish and run Politics in Action is really inspirational. The ease with which he engages people from a very wide range of perspectives has a profound impact on all who work with him.

He was able to secure resources from a wide range of sources to support the costs of our work including the hiring of highly skilled external facilitators all without him taking a penny. Indeed, he has been a generous philanthropist in his own right supporting a range of causes that are close to his heart.

While much of the Shared Education activity in schools stopped during the recent pandemic, Peter was determined that our work should continue, and he innovated creating a series of on-line ‘Town Hall’ events where young people across the island could engage with senior political figures.

Peter carries out all this work without wishing to seek accolades.

The 2023 Awards took place on Tuesday 07/03/2023