The 2023 Awards took place on Tuesday 07/03/2023

Grainne Mullin

| Community Relations Council Exceptional Achievement Award (peacebuilding)

The NI Shared Housing Programme has its origins in the NI Executive Together: Building a United Community Strategy, which committed to establishing 10 new shared housing schemes in NI. The delivery of shared housing is an attempt to tackle decades of housing segregation; an outworking of the NI ‘Troubles’, and it aims to bring about large-scale societal change that will deliver more mixed and cohesive communities.
The endeavours of the NI Housing Association Movement have enabled the Shared Housing Programme to be included in the Programme for Government, and in ‘Agreements’ which have sought to re-establish government in NI following political impasse, namely the Fresh Start and ‘New Decade, New Approach’ Agreements.
The Shared Housing Programme has grown (from the initial 10 Together: Building a United Community shared schemes) to 69 shared housing developments (providing 1981 homes for social housing tenants and their families) across all council areas.

Note: Re Supporting Documentation – CRC is copied into all Programme media.

The 2023 Awards took place on Tuesday 07/03/2023