The 2023 Awards took place on Tuesday 07/03/2023

Adam Stanex

| Good Relations Community Champion Award

Adam is a selfless individual who champions community and inclusivity throughout the work he has down over the last year. The hard work he has put in has allowed his company NCG to become more than a shop in the local North Down community. It has become a beacon and a hub for everyone. The doors are always open for a chat no matter who you are, events are consistently free ensuring anyone can take part. Adam is NCG and the work to ensure people have a place where they belong and feel important is invaluable.

Many individuals have found themselves a second family through the incredible community at the shop! Adam has always wanted to ensure that he enriched the local community through his events and activities. He is honestly a diamond and a invaluable member of society in North Down. His success and growth has brought so many people happiness and that is something that is special. To him everyone is equal and everyone matters, he leads by example and would be a worthy winner of this award.

The 2023 Awards took place on Tuesday 07/03/2023